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Poetic reason constitutes María Zambrano’s greatest contribution to the intellectual history. Standing at the intersection between philosophy, literature, mysticism, poetic reason is, first and foremost, Zambrano’s answer to the crisis of Western thought and civilization. But what is poetic reason? How does it work? Did Zambrano always make poetic reason? What does making poetic reason mean? These are some of the questions we will address in the course of these two sessions in order to gain an understanding of what poetic reason is and how it works.

The sessions will be in English. No prior knowledge is required. I look forward to seeing you there.

Session 1. “The Horizon of Poetic Reason”

Contrary what the title may suggest at first glance, poetic reason is neither a form of philosophy nor of poetry. So what is it? This first session will try to answer this question by discussing the background, aims and key features of poetic reason.

Session 2. “Poetic Reason: Some Key Readings”

In this session, we will take forward what we learnt about what poetic reason seeks and how it works and we will use it to help us interpret some selected short passages of María Zambrano’s texts, where we can see poetic reason in action. 

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Beatriz Caballero, directora del proyecto GloMa, especialista en el pensamiento de María Zambrano (1977-2022)
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